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About Viagra. The medicine Viagra is produced in the form of the tablets covered with a cover. One tablet contains the main active ingredient sildenafit (in the form of citrate) in several dosages Ц 25, 50 and 100 mg. Tablets are packaged in blisters on 1, 2, 4 and 12 pieces. The cardboard pack contains one blister with the corresponding quantity of tablets and the instruction for use of medicine. The main active ingredient of the tablets Viagra renders on developments of an erection at the man during emergence of sexual excitement, due to strengthening of inflow of blood to blood bodies of a penis. The main condition of existence of effect of use of this medicine, existence of sexual stimulation of the man and his excitement is.

About Cialis. The medicine Sialis is made in a dosage form of a tablet for intake, covered with a film cover. They have yellow coloring, a round form and a biconvex surface. The main operating component of medicine is I tadalafit, his content in one tablet is 5 and 20 mg. The main operating component of the tablets Sialis tadalafit improves erectile function of a penis, increasing inflow of blood to cavernous bodies. After reception of the tablet Sialis inside the operating component tadalafit quickly enough and is almost completely soaked up in blood from a gleam of a small intestine. He reaches the maximum concentration in blood in 2 hours. Tadalafil is evenly distributed in fabrics, gets into cavernous bodies where renders therapeutic effect. The therapeutic effect after reception of the tablet Sialis develops in 15-20 minutes and can remain during time period till 36 o'clock.



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